4 tips to boost your business by using live coaching

Aug 12, 2019

At the moment, live coaching is rarely used in the health and sports world. There are many coaches who train their customers remotely, where you have regular telephone contact, schedules are emailed and, if desired, a short skype conversation can be scheduled. This is usually a very 'cumbersome' process in which a lot of valuable time is lost. Below we give you some tips to ensure that you can create innovation and added value.
Better yet: The quality of your business will improve considerably and this without major investment.

01: Create more customer engagement

Follow people live from home, not only during their workouts, but also in their daily interactions. Teach them to create habits that give them more time to practice their daily dose of sport. This way, you will have more results and clients will automatically feel more connected. Do you mainly train athletes who are often on an internship abroad? Plan your lesson and coach it live at a distance. An athlete needs a personal bond with the coach.

Customer engagement

02: Involve family and friends

Whether there are one, two or more participants on the other side (e.g. an entire family), for the coach this is not an 'extra cost'. On the contrary: Do you look enthusiastic and pleasant as a coach or group lecturer? Then the first step towards new customers is quickly made. Your case will automatically create a 'personal' aspect which will make the 'first step to the gym' (which often is the most difficult one by the way) much smaller. In fact, there are plenty of people who still think that fitness is only for trained models or celebrities. When the latter do workouts without guidance, they often don't get the results they want. These people often stop at reasonably short notice because unfortunately they have little result. You can reach these people much better through live coaching, creating a whole new target group of potential customers.

03: Reduce infrastructure dependency

Are you a coach and do you have to rent a room for each lesson? For many this is a big bite from the budget. Through live coaching you can train more clients per hour while your costs are much lower. On the other hand, you don't have to be present yourself: are you in further training (at home or abroad)? Plan your lessons in advance and train your clients whenever and wherever you want. Are you in a full group classroom? Put your device in the front, customers can follow the lessons from home while they feel they are in a crowded room.

Infrastructure independency

04: Add a supplement to the subscription fee

Customers often use 'little time' as an excuse. As a result, these people often do not become customers. I don't know if I can combine it with the kids or other social activities'. Through live coaching, they can also follow their favourite workouts on holiday, at work or on a business trip. The trainers can guarantee the quality because they are in direct contact with the participants #traineverywhere.

In most cases, people pay a monthly subscription fee. This gives them access to all guidance, appliances and other facilities. How can I integrate live training into my business? A possible solution is to charge a small supplement on top of the monthly contribution. For them, this is not a stumbling block. Still, they get a lot in return.

"My customers have no material at home". As a fitness, you can make an extra business out of this. We often have good contacts with suppliers. Let your equipment burn, make packages and sell them to customers who want to be coached live. This way, you create more brand awareness and even your business goes global!

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