Evolution of the needs of clients: 24/7 as the basis

Mar 3, 2020

The world of fitness and health in change

It is not necessary to be an expert in the fitness industry to see the many changes that have taken place in recent years and that will continue to take place in the future. The fitness and health market is evolving enormously, never stands still and continues to grow at a rapid pace. The earlier trends such as "bodybuilding" or fitness to "look good" make way for the current trend "a healthy lifestyle". On the one hand, a social event in which people clear their heads to get a fresh start the following day. On the other hand, modern fitness responds to the changes in society and the needs of the customer. Our lives are becoming more and more stressful, people experience more pressure both in their professional and social lives. Consumers often have a tight schedule and little time (which is often an easy excuse) to exercise. They want to move when it suits them. Even if this is at 6 in the morning...

New needs clients: 24/7 fitness

The evolution of fitness

In the '90s you had a gym in every municipality that was open from 9am to noon in the morning. In the evening, it often opened its doors from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. If you still do this today, you are "out of business". Boutiques, digital training, personal training and large fitness chains that open their doors 24/7 are indispensable in our society. If you start a business today, it is certainly important to think about your distinguishing factor. Why does the consumer choose you and not someone else? Can't you answer that? Then think again before you continue to put your business on the map.

From 2000 to today, fitness chains have made enormous progress. An easy concept for consumers because they can exercise when it suits them. The digital aspect is also growing along with this progressing market. The former "billy's bootcamp videos" make place in these 24/7 chains for the spinning, zumba and other digital lessons that can be initiated when it suits the consumer.

New needs clients: digital lessons

Fitness and technology

Even today, where technology is indispensable, consumers value the personal aspect enormously. We can dress up digital lessons nicely, but if we take a closer look, it is clear that this personal aspect is often lacking in these lessons. Nevertheless, for fitness chains that are open 24/7, it is possible to integrate this into their concept.

What does the future hold?

It is fascinating to see what evolution the fitness industry has made in recent years: what is possible? What changes await us? The possibilities are endless and technology will undoubtedly play an important role in this. We are undoubtedly looking forward to this; who will join our journey?