How do people react to change?

Jul 30, 2019

Every owner or successful entrepreneur knows that innovations are essential to maintain a high level of performance. In this way you create added value for your business where you will make the difference compared to your competitors. Still, it is always quite a search for novelties to always boost your business. Many of us are afraid of the reaction of their clients, employees or partners. This is partly due to the following 2 factors:

  • Habits
  • Fear
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Each individual has very different habits that determine his life. How do you get up in the morning? Are your clothes ready or do you have to find out what you will be wearing the next morning before you go to work? Do you have a morning ritual? What do you do in the evening? How do you brush your teeth? In short, habits determine your whole life. Also your business!

What actions do you do that make your business successful?


Every one of us is afraid to change things. Why? We are very much bound by our habits. Only when we break down habits, we can perform at a higher level. "If only it were that simple. "Clients who come into your business are also bound by these habits you employ. When it comes to innovation, there is always a certain amount of criticism from the client first, and this gradually passes. After a certain period of time, each renewal becomes a habit again. This should not stop you. That's why we challenge you to innovate as much as possible on a regular basis. Try out new things.

Didn't work these changes as expected? Make them work!

Check it out: In your life every change goes through 4 phases, we describe them as follows:

Phases of competence

01: Unconsciously incompetent

"If you don't know you don't know.”

This is a phase in which people have no clue about innovation and continue to think about what they have been doing for years. In short: habits and innovation are not to be found in this phase.

02: Consciously incompetent

"If you know you don't know.”

In this phase, people discover new things. You want to learn new things and you also know that this does not happen by itself. You need training and learning, this is normal. (Cycling or learning to walk weren’t possible in one day...).

03: Consciously competent

"conscious learning process"

Focus on becoming more competent, which is a very difficult process and often leads to uncertainties and frustration. Some people decide to give up at this stage. Only the most motivated people get through this phase: WILLPOWER.

04: Unconsciously competent


You have come through the previous phase well and in this phase, actions will become a habit. You don't have to think anymore about your actions: it has become an automatism. You have learned how to walk, cycle or drive a car before in your life. You don't really have to think about these actions anymore.

Working out outside

In order to innovate, you also have to go through these phases, only when people are 'unconsciously competent' has it become a habit. This process needs time and training and rarely succeeds from the first time.

Are you ready to introduce some change?

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