How to become a Fitmate by Fitmade: the limit in your hands

Oct 10, 2019

Go to but first learn more about our brand new platform.

It's time, the 'bèta' version of Fitmade is online. We are proud of our first version and can't wait for your experience and feedback. Fitmade is a platform for live coaching where you want, whenever you want, whose mission is to improve health worldwide by making quality guidance possible anytime and anywhere. Fitmade ensures that you as a coach or fitness store can offer more quality. Something that is indispensable today if you want to make a difference.

Become a real fitmate

Every "fitmade-coach" or "Fitmate" gets 60 FREE minutes to test our app. This is a 'bèta' version which means that there are still a lot of adjustments to be made before our product finally appears on the market. There is also a chance that there are still error messages.

How does Fitmade work?

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Create a session.
  4. Click next to the 'GO' link on the icon to send the link of the session VIA WHATS APP to your client.
  5. When you're ready you can click the Go button to start the session and your client will be contacted automatically.

This entire process will be automated in the future via email.

How can you use Fitmade in your business?

  • Intake calls from a distance
  • Follow customers live anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Teach customers to create more structure in their daily habits.
  • Coach and correct customers from your gym to the beach.

Would you like to share your experience with us? Do you have tips or do you want more information? Contact us at or via Messenger.

How to become a Fitmate by Fitmade

Become a Fitmade by Fitmade

Improve your clients' habit of working out by guiding them even when you are remote. Get started with Fitmade and train your athletes anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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