How to create a digital workout on Fitmade in 8 steps

Mar 22, 2020

Want to know how to create your first digital workout with Fitmade?

Follow the steps below and start training remotely!

  1. Go to
  2. Not registered yet? Do your registration now and receive 60 free minutes.
  3. Already have an account? Then click directly on 'log in'.
  4. Create a new session by first entering the date followed by the time and duration of your workout. It is also possible to make some notes or points of attention. Click on 'save' after this step.
  5. Deleting a workout? Click on the icon where you can edit a session and 'delete session'.
  6. The workout link can simply be shared via WhatsApp. Do you prefer to send it by mail? Copy the link to your clipboard.
  7. Start the session via 'start session'.
  8. When your client enters the virtual training room you will receive a notification of this.

Check the steps in the video below:

Do you have any further questions about using Fitmade? Do not hesitate and contact us, we will do everything we can to help you as soon as possible.

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