How will Fitmade boost your business

Jul 3, 2019

We can't miss it. The digital market has evolved enormously in recent years. Order your clothes from an online shop and they will be delivered the day after. Not satisfied? Then you just send them back free of charge. Do you hate waiting lines at the bakery? Place your order online. The day after, you will enjoy your breakfast with freshly baked bread. All this by a few actions from behind your computer or smartphone.

Easy, isn't it?....

Train everywhere

The online market offers an infinite number of possibilities in the most diverse sectors. With Fitmade we create the next step in the beautiful world of health, sports, fitness and rehabilitation. The pressure on our society is increasing. We all want the most beautiful house, the biggest car and this combined with a super healthy lifestyle and the six-pack you always dreamed of? This sounds familiar to many of you. We often hear the excuse: "not in the mood, tired of a busy day at work, I don't feel well." We could go on like this for a while. There is always a reason not to work on your health, which means that your daily dose of sports and exercise is left aside.

What would happen if we combined the convenience, user-friendliness and countless possibilities of the digital world with the beautiful world of health, sports and fitness? That's when something comes into being that breaks through all boundaries. Something unique that makes sports and training possible worldwide, anywhere in the world? Welcome to the new, infinite world of FITMADE. Are you in the middle of nature or in the most ultramodern fitness in America? #traineverywhere

Earlier in this blog we mentioned that time is a precious thing. Time management is becoming more important as our society becomes busier and busier. The excuse 'no time' or 'I didn't find a day care for the kids' are used countlessly. Do you own a fitness, crossfit box, boutique or personal training studio? With Fitmade, both you and your clients can save time and money. Because live training is given by remote, customers don't necessarily have to travel anymore. They follow their favorite group lesson or personal training session from home. Nevertheless, the quality is guaranteed and the instructor or coach creates an atmosphere as if you were in the gym with him. This is logical because the group lesson is "real live".

Train at home


How can you use fitmade within your business to achieve maximum returns? Below you will find some examples and answers:

“ I'm a personal coach who trains people at home. Renting a room costs a lot of money, that's why I chose for being a "personal trainer at home". Still, I lose a lot of time travelling, even though I take this into account with my clients. It is valuable time that is lost. “

Fitmade: Coach your client once a week on the move. In addition to this, plan 2a3 Fitmade sessions with him every week. You can let multiple clients participate in one session, which will give you more space in your agenda. As a result, you will guide more clients or you will get more time to 'work on' your business instead of 'in' your business.

"I run a gym and experience a lot of misery with people who want to stop their subscription in the summer because they have a lot of holidays planned. This is also one of the main reasons why people often don't take the step to an annual subscription. Will I see them afterwards? That's a good question..."

Fitmade: By using our platform, people from all over the world can follow your classes or sessions anywhere in the world. There is literally no brake on it. Do people go on a beach holiday to Mallorca? They can log in via Fitmade so they can follow their favourite BBB or zumbales on the beach. With personal training we see the same trend: you guarantee quality anywhere in the world. Does this mean that the subscription still has to be terminated? No, because your business is global and you can follow your clients anywhere.

Your time for questions

In short, Fitmade generates infinite possibilities that you can apply. Do you have questions about what we can do for your business? Shoot!

Ready to boost your business?

Does all of the above sounds promising and you are ready for the next step, Fitmade is the perfect match for you. Get started today and build your business for tomorrow.

I am ready!