The strength of a good personal coach

May 17, 2020

Countless people still think that personal training is only meant for the higher social class. Am I not one of them? Then maybe I should be a top athlete to be able to train with a good coach? No, you don't! On the contrary: Personal training is for everyone! To the beginner or the 'less sporty' he can sometimes mean more than you think. So, is a personal coach someone who guides you during your workout and drills you like in the army after which you go home completely exhausted? What often results in days of muscular pain resulting in you not being able to walk normally for several days? Hopefully not! Below we will briefly explain the strength of a good coach and why this is so important.

Set the right goals

A coach is someone who, mostly after one contact moment (usually an intake session), knows perfectly what you, as a client, need. In addition to going over possible goals, he can also tell you quickly what you need to achieve the desired goals. The coaching trajectory you go through is tailor-made by a good coach. He knows perfectly what he is doing and can also explain why you need to perform certain exercises as he or she says. Which is very important to know:

'What you require to achieve your goal is not always what you want, but what you need. In addition, a good coach will sometimes put you face to face with the facts and also say things you'd rather not want to hear. This is now part of his job.You pay him to do his job. This job is to deliver results regardless of your goal.'

The strength of a good personal coach: goals

A promise is a promise

Each coach has a different way of working and also focuses on different points. Is that why he is less good? No, you pay them for results, you have the results you had in mind beforehand, right? We often see that people have unrealistic expectations: do you want the look like a model (this is what everyone wants!) but have you never done any sports before or have you barely been concerned with your health? Then it's also our job to say that, unfortunately, this goal is not realistic. Aren't we doing this? Then we promise things we sadly can't live up to.

The strength of a good personal coach: promise

Every detail counts

It is important in our still stressful society to put your own health at the top of the agenda. A coach will guide you and give you the right tools at the right time to work as optimally as possible on your health. Do I need to move or rest? I have had a rehabilitation and I want to move responsibly in order to be stronger in daily life again: how do I start? Do I eat 6 meals now or do I have enough with 2a3 meals? I want to lose weight but have already tried everything: nothing works... How is this possible? I want to gain weight: I eat really well and train myself to crush, yet I don't gain weight: is this possible? Even a bad sleeping pattern can affect all these aspects.

The strength of a good personal coach: details

Personal guidance is key

A good coach will guide you through all these questions and steer you when you most need it: here he makes the difference! Should you therefore choose the first coach you meet? No! Choose someone you feel good with. Besides a good personal contact, he should have a solution for what you need. Do you still have a good feeling after the intake session? Then there is a good chance that you have found the right coach.