The world of health and sport is digitising

Nov 7, 2019

Numbers don’t lie.

By 2020, 60% of new customer registrations will be made by website or another digital way . Virtual applications will increase by 17% and personal training will increase by 11%. This shows that people want more quality and are willing to pay for it. Good news for our industry? We think so. But there is still a catch.

Smaller fitness centers that are not linked to a chain or franchise often go overboard. Is this because they can't compete with big giants? This could be a reason. Take a look at a small gym in your neighborhood that has been around for years. Probably they've had the same clientele for years, simply because over the years they've been afraid to change their way of working and innovations. The owners of such businesses attach great importance to their old systems, values and standards. A simple example of this? The opening hours are still from 9am to 12pm in the morning followed by an evening shift from 4pm to 10pm. On the other hand, larger fitness chains are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their common approach: start exercising when it suits you as a customer. People expect you to respond to their needs and that you as manager make the necessary adjustments. If you don't do this, you will soon experience the disadvantage...


Studies have shown that fitness businesses are investing less in traditional virtual lessons. Logical? It's easy: Put on a DVD or CD and the group lesson starts. The downside of this? Our clients are very sensitive to the personal aspect, they often come to a certain lesson 'for a certain trainer'. You get the feeling that they are someone you really care about as a trainer or manager. What if you replace the virtual lessons with virtual LIVE lessons? Without too much investment, your quality will improve enormously and you will give people the opportunity to participate in their (group) lessons outside the 4 walls of your fitness. Since people become more quality conscious (as you can see from the increase in the number of personal training sessions), you also meet their needs and wishes at the same time everywhere and anytime. GET REAL PERSONAL.

The fitness industry is a fast-growing industry. Apart from the numerous fitness apps, little is currently being done with all the possibilities offered by the technology. However, if we want to continue to grow as an entrepreneur, we need to make more use of all these opportunities. Sometimes you hear 'standing still is going backwards'. However, it can be useful to think about what novelties there are and how you can implement them in your business. Remember: it is those who are open to innovation and change who make the difference.

the world of sport is digitising

How can you make a difference? Make time every week to work ON your business instead of IN your business. How do you do this?

1. Sit in an inspiring place with an empty book.

2. Write down 1 case of which you think: 'this can be done better in my business'.

3. Take 1 hour and take note of all the ideas that come to mind.

4. Did you write everything down correctly? Take a look to the last part of your notes. Usually the last 2 or 3 ideas are the best because the first ideas are probably already done by all your competitors ;).


You train customers towards a healthier lifestyle. In addition to a healthy diet, the right mindset and mental resilience, every coach knows that structure and planning are necessary to achieve results. However, many people have trouble with this last point. How can YOU, as a coach, respond more quickly and teach these people structure and planning? Plan some short live moments in with your clients on a daily basis in which you coach people live from your business or from home to their new healthy habits. These moments only last a few minutes but are important if you want to distinguish yourself as a coach or fitness professional.

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