Why should you use online live coaching?

Oct 8, 2019

The world keeps moving. This can be clearly seen from all the technological developments that have taken place in recent years. We challenge you to think about the developments that the world has gone through in the past 20 years. Have you done this? Then close your eyes and imagine what would be possible in the next 20 years... What is our diet, what will sports or fitness look like? What progress has medicine made?

As human beings, we must be constantly ready to cope with this change and to respond to all the needs of individuals. Do you have your own business? You will have noticed that customers are becoming more and more demanding and have less patience. As an entrepreneur, it is very important to anticipate this change as well as possible. Don't you do this? You often will lose to the competition. Nevertheless, there are numerous technological developments that make life as an entrepreneur easier and more enjoyable. Technology is often accompanied by convenience and user-friendliness, making the consumer's life easy and enjoyable. With few adjustments and a limited investment, we can often give a lot in return. If you give more value in this way, the consumer will not shy away from incurring an additional cost for this. Online live training is an example of such a development. It is relatively new in the fitness world and is not yet integrated in traditional fitness, crossfit, personal training or small group training. Are you going to replace the traditional with online live training? Everything is possible. In this way you can offer serious added value to your gym or fitness. One thing is certain: 'you make the difference'. So a whole business through online live training is perfectly possible, especially with all the possibilities that the digital world has to offer today.

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Follow your customers anytime, anywhere: get real personal

Most customers come to your gym 1, 2 or more times a week. What happens to them when they are abroad, on holiday or on a business trip? Is there contact, is there training or is there the same physical and mental fitness as a normal training or working day? Anything is possible via online live training. Work in a super client-focused way and make adjustments where necessary. Everyone needs a coach or an example, not only when things are not going as well as they should. No more complicated procedures to stop membership during holiday periods: customers can get the same quality on the beach as in their favourite gym, at the same time soaking up the atmosphere of his or her favourite group lesson. Everything is becoming more flexible, and this is something that we, as an entrepreneur, have to respond to.

You make the difference

Customers who have a result are free word to mouth advertisers. If you can control even closely by having an insight into their daily lives, food and habits, you can get even faster results. Through online live training you can teach customers the right structure and habits that are often the key to success, how long does it take before someone creates a habit? Follow it up easily from now on. Personal training is moving more and more in the direction of lifestyle coaching. How does the person feel, how is the morning pulse, would he exercise if he is too high? How is the diet? The period in which customers brought a dietary plan on paper every other week is over, the possibilities to be in constant contact with them are there. Why not use online live coaching? What is stopping you? Okay, it's new and people are often skeptical about it: We challenge you to give it a chance and discover all the benefits for yourself. Be open to innovation and change because you ultimately make the difference.

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small investments with a big return

Large investments are not necessary to provide more quality. As mentioned before, you can often work miracles with small adjustments. There are already many fitness centres that market their own APP in which they are constantly in touch with the consumer. Schedules can be exchanged, nutrition can be followed and more community is created. With online live coaching you go one step further and step into the life of this person. Customers will feel less of a 'number' and the needs of each individual will be met: does a customer have difficulties with certain exercises during rehabilitation? Follow them live. Does another customer have difficulties in adhering to a healthy diet? Teach them LIVE healthy habits, give them short workshops or let them watch in your daily life: 'how do you get all this planned? After all, that's what TIME MANAGEMENT is all about.

With live coaching, you also reach people who no longer have time to make the move, people with little time and let's be honest: today, time is a serious bottleneck. I didn't have time' is used a lot. Whether it is 'no time' or 'not in the mood' is left open, but we do know that online live coaching can provide the control that many people need. Wondering how online live coaching can add value to your business? Just give us a sign and we well be happy to help you out!

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